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Chrome shoes: Fixed Approved | August 10, 2009

There is much anticipation for the launch of the new Chrome shoes, designed for the stylish bike messenger.  The all new weatherproof line comes in 4 different styles and each one comes in 4 limited colors.  The styles start from the Kursk (lowtop, pictured), Midway (midtop), Saipan (hitop), and Arhem (Chukka).  Each shoe is reinforced with a propulsion plate, a polyurethane slam pad, steel tipped aglets, steel lace eyelets, and so much more.  This is all to take the beating, wear and tear that bikers will put these through on a daily basis.  I headed over to the Chrome store on 580 4th Street in SOMA, and got the inside scoop on these new chucks from a friend of mine who works there.

Rai Littlejohn, a 22 year old Art student from Los Angeles, and bike connoisseur, was sporting these kicks the second I walked in. Rai was given an exclusive pair to test out on the streets of San Francisco, and boy did he test them out. “The hard rubber compound on the bottom of the shoe allows you to shred it on the tire without any wear whatsoever,” Littlejohn commented on his beta pair. “I’ve been rocking my pair for the past 3 months, I definitely give them the fixed approval,” he added. Upon walking into the store now, the back wall is plastered with boxes of Chrome shoes, but don’t be fooled, the ones from the new line aren’t out yet. The release date is TBA, but soon is what I heard through the grapevine. –Zain Ali


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