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Just Incase | August 17, 2009

Recently, Incase updated their website with their new Fall 09 lineup, which includes all new products added to the courier selection, iPhone cases, and Macbook bags.  The SF based company specializes in product development for the technologically advanced consumer, enhancing the user experience, just as their slogan states  “a better experience through good design.”  Last week the company announced its newly appointed CEO Dave Gatto is stepping up to the plate and will be adding a new perspective to the company. Gatto says he will be looking “forward to leading and enabling the Incase team to realize the growth opportunities that exist for the company and the brand.”

Incase Fall Lineup

I’m really looking forward to the new collections Incase will have to offer in the coming seasons, especially since they have been upping their game in the bag department. I even picked up a courier messenger bag, which they have introduced new designs and sizes for.  They added new hip pouches for DSLR cameras to the family as well.  Not only have they released ground breaking products, they have also made unprecedented partnerships with fellow designers and athletes to innovate some of the most top notch products around.  For example Incase added the Paul Rodriguez skate bag collection, and worked directly with P. Rod to design and develop this fully intuitive on-the-go backpack.  Each product is finely tuned and detailed to be equipped with every need the consumer sports. Other notable collaborations include San Francisco’s very own HUF and DQM pack, and many others.

With stylish products designed for the street wear market, Incase is in the forefront of giving consumers the ability to express themselves in a variety of ways.

– By Zain Ali


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