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Little Tokyo in SF | August 20, 2009

jpop11San Francisco has always been a focal point for Japanese culture, and with the New People building, it’s even more exciting than ever. New People has made Japanese pop culture more accessible to us featuring the latest  films, fashions, art and design straight from Japan. You don’t have to travel all the way to Japan to get a true Tokyo shopping experience. New People has boutiques of some of Tokyo’s hottest fashion labels from the trendy Harajuki district including Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, Black Peace Now, DokiDoki and Sou-sou. Our city is now the top stop destination in America for Harajuku fashion and Lolita fashion!

For those of us who were not able to attend the huge grand opening of New People this past weekend, get a glimpse of how big this celebration was! Check out photos of the event at Amy’s blog site: http://blog.shrinkle.com/. As you scroll down in the site you will see photos of happy fans and people dressed up in whimsical colorful doll-like fashion, photos of the Gothic and Lolita fashion show as well as of some designers and artists from Japan! We can just imagine thousands of people gathering around this new building filled with excitement as they embark on a unique cultural experience that San Francisco has ever had.

It’s too bad I missed out on this fun exciting event, but I will surely visit New People and explore the new boutiques and everything else it has to offer. As Tokyo being one of the top trend setting cities of the world, San Francisco will be one of the first to access the newest trends and fashion, besides Paris of course. How awesome is that? I am so glad I live in the Bay! Are you?


Photos courtesy of http://blog.shrinkle.com

Maureen Clemente


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