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How to rock the boot | September 4, 2009

By: Ariel Rhodus

So many people today, not only in San Francisco but all over the world, are sporting boots as part of their everyday wardrobe. I have seen many inventive ways of wearing boots living here in the city, however I know (having talked to my mother and a few others about it) that not everyone is comfortable with this trend. I think this is perhaps because not everyone can figure out the best way to wear them. Alas!…there are endless possibilities when working with this versatile shoe as well as so many different styles to try. As with all fashion trends, all it takes is a little experimenting to find what works best for you. Here are just a few ways to showcase this awesome accessory:
Here is a classic 70s look. Pair a tall boot with a contrasting short skirt or shorts and you’re good to go!
The ever-popular leggings and boots. This look is fun with either tall or short boots and can be amazing with solid or printed leggings.
The rugged boot! This fun style works great with just about everything. They are shown here with a dress, which personally I love!! They can also be worn with pants for a rougher look, as shown below.
Here is a cowboy-ish look. These boots make her outfit a bit sportier and oh so inventive.

My advice is to go try on some crazy styles and see what works best for you. Some of my favorite boots can be found at Shoe Biz in the Haight or Anthropologie.com.
Have fun!


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