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How to: Make your own shopping bag | September 11, 2009

I work in retail, thus I have been able to see the trend in San Francisco of reducing our use of paper and plastic bags. It is really great that San Franciscans are to environmentally conscience. I have seen a variety of different personal-owned shopping bags, which got me thinking about making my own version. This one idea has been my favorite (and cheapest/easiest).


If you’re low on funds, but want to hop on the band-wagon with this new green trend, simply look in your dresser drawers for an old T-shirt you don’t wear anymore. If you do not own a sewing machine, you can go to local craft stores and see if they provide sewing seminars (which many do). Here you can create you new, fun shopping bag. It’s as simple as sewing up the bottom of the T-shirt and creating a larger opening at the top. To do that, you can simply cut the neck hole (depending on it’s size) just a few sizes larger, turn back the raw edge of the cut, and sew along it to prevent fraying, It is best to use  heavy weight cotton T-shirt.



We can all do our part and be adorable doing it!


By: Ariel Rhodus

photo courtesy of http://www.marthastewart.com


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