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SUST’s a Must | September 17, 2009

The name given to SUST’s clothing line is a perfect description of the clothes. A combination of sustainable & cool, SUST is just that: very cool, very sustainable clothes.


Photo c/o arniandkinski.com

But gorgeous, 100% organic US cotton, ethically made in California clothes aside—what’s even more striking about this line are the people behind it. Childhood BFFs Marion McKee, a jewelry designer, & Tristan Gribbin, an actress were joined by Kevin Baum, a twenty-year veteran of the clothing industry. These fashionable forces all grew up in Palo Alto, just south of San Francisco– & they continue to base their line out of the Bay Area today.

The vision of SUST is what differentiates it from others. Rather than letting the entire focus be on the clothes—which, FYI, are absolutely amazing—SUST’s vision is something more compelling.


Working with the highest quality US organic cotton, & collaborating closely alongside local manufacturers, SUST guarantees that fair trade principles are carefully incorporated into every aspect of the process. SUST also believes in a larger definition of corporate responsibility–choosing environmental causes that are supported through a portion of profits from every purchase.

Ann R.


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