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Fashion a la Haight/Ashbury | September 18, 2009

haight ashbury sign - fullBy: Ariel Rhodus

There are so many marvelous nooks and crannies in this city. You may think you know every fantastic boutique or cafe in San Francisco, but there’s simply no way. I would like to highlight one especially fantastic and historic area: the Haight and Ashbury neighborhood. This area offers so much in the way of relaxing, dining, satisfying your sweet tooth, finding a good book, drinking or best of all, shopping! I live in the area and just recently set aside enough time to actually walk down Haight St and get to know my area well. I was surprised to find just how many adorable boutiques, thrift and vintage stores and shoe stores there were along the street. I started at Masonic and walked all the way down to the park (heading west) and had to have come across about 25 different little stores. To highlight a few:

-Aaardvark’s Odd Ark (1501 Haight Street – 415-621-3141): just one of many fantastic vintage shops on the famous street

-Ambience (1458 Haight Street – 415-552-5095): all new apperal, ideal for the uptown romantic

-Buffalo Exchange (1555 Haight Street – 415-431-7733): a resale shop where you can sell your old swag and get new (used) things in return

-Crossroads (1519 Haight Street – 415-355-0555): another place to buy, sell and trade

-Villains Vault (1653 Haight Street 415-864-7727): amazing designer clothing from all around the globe

-Wasteland (1660 Haight Street 415-863-3150): the perfect mix of vintage and new apperal

Photo courtesy of jrsfilm.com


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