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Chris Campos

Ralph Lauren Rugby has a motto, “MYO- Make it Your Own” and Chris Campos, the company’s department manager of the Union Street location, couldn’t represent that statement anymore. Not only does he hold this position, which is one of only eleven existing nation-wide in Ralph Lauren Rugby, a specialty brand; but at 21, he is also a full time Fashion Marketing student at The Art Institute of California- San Francisco.
At work Campos is responsible for overseeing sales, staff, hiring, visual merchandising, and conveying the overall idea and image of the Ralph Lauren Rugby brand. Passionate about what he does in such a fast paced environment, he loves that working in an emerging market, which, he says, is what makes him loyal to the company that he has been with for only a little over a year.
“What motivates me truly is money,” “ Growing up I wasn’t the most well off of kids…I want to be well off so that I can give back to my parents what they gave me and I feel that the sooner I do it the sooner I can give my parents what they deserve for helping me,” Campos says.
Growing up in a Mexican family, his mother pushed very hard to instill “moral values”, making education a priority, which is why he believes he became more career focused. Inspired by this support, Campos was only 16 when he graduated high school, having taken mostly AP classes and earning a 4.0 GPA.
“In high school, I was always the ‘fashionable kid,” Campos says, “I guess it was just inevitable for me. It was in my blood.” He got his start in the retail scene while he was still living back home in Fresno, California, where he worked at Banana Republic. At 18, he moved to San Francisco, Calif., and transferred to the Stonestown Galleria location to work in merchandise presentation.
“I felt held back by the education and life experiences that Fresno had to offer,” he says. Feeling overwhelmed, Campos turned to Craigslist.com, which is where he found a job at the company he now calls home.
When asked if he feels if his style reflects that of Ralph Lauren Rugby, Campos says:

“Yes and no… I go for a simple casual look… I would not walk down the street in a pink oxford and bright red jeans and a blue hoodie because no one dresses like that…”we have a motto it’s called MYO-Make it Your Own- and I think that’s what I am doing, making Rugby my own.”

All fashion aside, “at the end of the day it all comes down to how I feel…If I just finished a whole XL pizza last night I am not gonna be wearing some skinny jeans and a v-neck, you will see me in some baggy khaki’s and a loose tee with a cardigan,” Chris says.
For now, Compos’ future is in the world of Ralph Lauren Rugby, where he is developing his managerial skills and business sense in an emerging and expanding company. Campos admits he don’t really know where he wants to be, but in five years would like to be in the LA area, possibly head of his own Ralph Lauren Rugby location, and eventually working in corporate.
“I never like to limit myself,” he said, “I always wanted to be the person who knew a little bit about everything.”


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