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l_fbeb8ce6851d44f0823cddbfb5c3d0c2Born in Palo Alto and raised in Sonoma, Rayna Basta moved to San Francisco three and a half years ago to pursue a degree in psychology at San Francisco State University. Having both parents as therapists, she was curious and interested in people and their psyches. But as she took introduction courses, she realized that she could not see herself in this career path. “It was interesting but I something creative and business oriented and a smaller class,” Basta says. She looked into fashion marketing discovering her love for fashion. “I love fashion because I feel that it is a personal sense of expression that everyone utilizes. You have to get dressed in the morning, it’s a must, so we all get to reveal a little bit of our personality in what we wear, whether it be daily or only on special occasions, and I think that’s really powerful,” Basta says. After a year of deciding if this is what she really wants to do, the twenty year old fashionista transferred to the Art Institute to pursue a degree in fashion marketing and merchandising.

 In between all the hours she puts in school and homework, Basta somehow finds the time and energy to keep up a part-time job at Villains Vault, a clothing store at Haight Street that is known for its wide denim selection. On her free time, she loves to go hiking and exploring the natural and urban of the city with friends. “I love being in the outdoors and I especially love great views. Taking a hike around sunset and getting to watch the sun go down from a good look out is one of my favorite things to do!” Basta says. Megan, a friend of Basta who had met her a year ago in apparel marketing class shares a favorite memory of hiking with her, “One night at midnight we got all bundled up in jackets and blankets and hiked up to Buena vista park to star gaze and drink bottles of red wine.” The coastal trails in San Francisco or at Monte Verde in Costa Rica are amongst the many places she loves to go.

 Exploring new restaurants is another thing Basta likes to do. While most people are hesitant to try new foods, Basta eats adventurously. She has a taste for exotic foods and trying new and different ethnic cuisines. “Food is like fashion! There are so many different styles out there,” Basta says. Her favorite is Mexican food. “I could live off of grilled chicken burritos and fish tacos with avocado and tapatio!” she says. Not only does she love to eat food, she loves to cook! She mostly stirs fry vegetables and different kinds of salads. “I’m a little bit of a vegetable freak,” she says. Basta takes full advantage of everything San Francisco has to offer, visiting new restaurants, supporting music and art, and enjoying the outdoors. Now in her fifth quarter at the Art Institute of California-San Francisco, Basta is excited to dive into her Intro to Fashion Journalism class. She has always enjoyed writing and is inspired to work for a magazine someday and possibly do styling.


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