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Ann Ravanos

Ann Ravanos is a 23 year old Fashion Marketing and Management major currently attending The Art Institute of California San Francisco. She is originally from Birmingham, Alabama. She is now living in Berkeley, California. She is originally from Alabama, and loves it there. I asked Ann what she liked about the Bay Area, and received an interesting response and how she feel about living here: “To be honest, aside from the scenery, I’m not a big fan of the bay area. I’ve lived in a lot of places; this is the 10th city I have lived in over the past 5 years, and I can honestly say it does nothing for me. I love California, don’t get me wrong, but after being in the bay area for a little over a year, I’m ready to move on & not come back for awhile.”

Ann has been attending The Art Institute of California San Francisco for eight quarters now. She actually came to AICASF after a process of elimination. She had already attended The University of Alabama, Birmingham for English and had interest in creative writing. After graduating there, she wanted to gain more experience in the fashion industry to help her in her goal of starting her own company. Ann disliked many of the other school and locations, so she came to the conclusion that The Art Institute, specifically located in San Francisco, was her best match. She started out as a Fashion Design major, but quickly realized that was not her area and switched to Fashion Marketing and Management. When I asked Ann how AI was would help her reach her career goals she responded, “I think the teachers at AI differentiates this school from any other. I feel like the people I am learning from really want me to do well and are willing to help me out more than any random professor at a big school. The people I am learning from are those who could link me to great jobs and help me get my foot in the door. I always found that to be a big highlight of coming to AI. You network without even realizing you’re doing it”

Ann hobbies include playing music, hiking, surfing, fishing, camping, and traveling. In fact, she just recently traveled to Florida for a surfing and fishing trip. She also likes going back home to Birmingham as often as she possibly can. Her favorite designers and brands include Viktor and Rolf, Marc Jacobs, and Chanel. When asked what she enjoys about fashion, Ann said “I love how fashion can speak to people without actually saying anything. Hah it can describe who you are, what you like, your mood…anything. I’ve always thought it was really intriguing.“ Her main source of inspiration is Blake Mycoskie, founder of Tom’s Shoes.

Ann currently works as a representative for Tom’s Shoes. She has been working there for three years. Tom’s shoes is a company that develops a line of shoes that are typically eco conscious, sells them, and for every pair sold, they donate a pair to kids in need.

Ann’s ultimate goal that she wants to achieve is to start a company that is similar to Tom’s Shoes. But, instead of selling shoes and giving away shoes to kids in poorer countries, she wants to develop and work with a line of shirts. The premise is similar, but with a different product. This is her reason for attending AICASF and she is intent on achieving it.

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