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The Dancer

fionaFiona Torres grew up an independent Spanish Native American girl, and is the first in her immediate family to attend college, overcoming major obstacles along the way. Her mother passed away at the age of two, leaving her father to raise her in New York. Although her mother was not around, Torres learned to embrace her Native American roots during high school, influenced by a friend who then later passed away. She helped Fiona realize her native roots, which she still carries with her to this day.

Torres took up ballet at a young age, but found a passion for modern and interpretative dance as she got older. Dance played a major role in her life, as she studied and performed with such notable schools and companies like the Nicola Hawkins Dance Company and the Boston Dance Alliance. Torres’ classic style is derived from her Spanish roots and what she describes as a “little mix of a loose pinup style.” But her dance career soon came to a screeching halt after a tragic car accident that required her to undergo neck surgery, eventually opening a new path.

Her passion for fashion lead to her choosing it as her major when she first began at the Art Institute of Boston. She soon then realized that her passion was and began to pursue that further.    This lead to her moving to San Francisco and diving into the advertising major. She doesn’t see herself becoming the typical art director, she’d rather aspire to obtain a position in a publication house possibly furthering her journalism career, and working as a copywriter. “I want a job that includes the outdoors and a job where I am giving back instead of robbing the earth or tricking the public,” Torres says.

“In the workplace, she keeps her sense of style but still can relate to people, and still puts in the dedication,” Akira, who works with Torres, said. Fiona works at the Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center where Torres is a program director and marketer. “She is always looking ahead to the future and thinking intuitively,” Akira says.

Despite all these hardships she has overcome, Torres has a sarcastic and twisted sense of humor.  She loves horror and romantic drama films, and in her spare time she loves to throw themed get-togethers with friends at her place. She knows how to have fun, and with only a couple quarters left in school, she has the right perspective on life and fashion. “I love to sew at times, but I think fashion has taught me that clothes are just clothes.” “It’s how you feel about yourself that makes the clothes stand out!”


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