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Moving back and forth from the Mid West to the West Coast, Stacie Hipp, 21, is a Fashion Marketing student at the Art Institute of California in San Francisco. She was born in central California, where half of her family lives, and lived there until she was 8 years old. She then moved to Oklahoma, where the other half of her family currently resides.

Hipp first chose the Art Institute because she wanted to attend a business-based school, where she knew she would get the proper training and work experience for when she graduated. She became interested in the fashion program at AI after seeing that it was able to help her expand her business and marketing skills, which she wants to use in order to start her own business selling alternative clothing and having a selected styling department. She moved to the Bay Area in the fall of 2006, having moved around to various locations, she now lives in downtown Berkeley, where she is focusing on school, attending local concerts, and spending time with her friends and dogs.

Hipp’s ultimate goal is to move to Australia and do freelance work for bands, while owning her own retail business online. She currently does a lot of work for local punk, indie, and metal in both of her home towns. She has a huge passion for music and enjoys working with a lot of up and coming bands. “…clothing and music types follow hand in hand. I like working with arts that are creative and expressive. Music and fashion both embody that art,” says Hipp.

Aside from music, some of her other favorite things to do in and around San Francisco include finding new food, especially Indian and Japanese cuisine. Coming from Oklahoma to San Francisco was a fascinating experience. According to one of her good friends, Dustin Cawthorn, “Stacie is a go getting person and hard working. When she has a goal set, she accomplishes it. She doesn’t let anything get in her way and doesn’t take no for an answer.” There are many more things in a big city, such as San Francisco, that are not in places like Oklahoma. Hipp was able to discover an entire new world and learn more in depth about different cultures. Moving to the Bay Area brought in much more diversity and a longing to learn about the rest of the world.

Though she has the longing to travel to other parts of the world, for right now most of her trips take place in the US, traveling back to Oklahoma and central California as much as she can. Her most recent trip to Oklahoma was an adventure; she, along with her grandparents, loaded them into a car and drove an entirety of 50+ hours, making various stops along the way. “Though I love being home,” says Hipp, “it’s always nice to come back to Berkeley.”


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