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The Multi-Tasker


The Multi-Tasker
A Brief Account of a Busy Woman
By: Ariel Rhodus
July 20, 2009

Sitting in her journalism classroom full of several artists, Jamie Taylor stands out with her cool confidence. She sits cross legged in her jeans and t-shirt, not necessarily boasting about her knowledge of fashion. Her presence is known as she exudes poise and assurance. Taylor, 25, is a woman with a lot on her plate, but seems to be extremely grounded and centered for what a chaotic life she leads. Life hasn’t always been so stressful for Taylor, though. Her life and brave choices have lead her here today.
An only child growing up, Taylor was born and raised in San Jose, Calif. Wanting to leave her hometown behind, she knew she had to get in school and get a degree to move up in the world. In 2004, she attended Evergreen Community College in San Jose focusing on obtaining a degree in psychology. Quickly realizing she did not necessarily enjoy all the homework that goes with obtaining a degree in psychology, she chose to go into marketing. She thought that marketing would encompass her need to be creative and still explore the human psyche by figuring out what it is we crazy human react to and how to get us to buy things. Marketing is also a more public and celebrity interactive degree. This degree will help her in being that of her favorite quote; “I’m not cool, I’m cool’s inspiration,” Taylor said, quoting Rev. Run of Run DMC. Thanks to a friend, she learned about the marketing program at the Art Institute of California- San Francisco.
With a new goal in mind and a school to help her follow her dreams, she made the trek over to San Francisco in 2005 and has been living in and loving the city ever since. She will be graduating from the Art Institute next spring with her Fashion Marketing degree. This journey was not the easiest as she has been working non-stop during the whole process of obtaining her degree. She currently works at the Apple store in downtown San Francisco as a specialist in computer and iPhone sales.
“I have to admit working at Apple is the best job I’ve ever had, but I’ve only had two jobs,” Taylor says.
Although retail is not her true passion, she sees stability in this job and is content with it for now. On top of all that, she also works during her evenings at the club Suite 181 as a cashier.
Taylor is clearly an extremely busy woman, but still makes time for her other passions in life. She is an avid reader; she loves historical literature and suspense novels. She currently resides in South San Francisco with her boyfriend of over a year, Donald (although she mentioned he prefers Don “Grimm” Frazier), which also takes time and attention from her already packed schedule.
“She’s alright,” Frazier says jokingly of Taylor. “I guess I’ll keep her around.”
All her work and time spent being extremely busy will pay off when she can land her dream job of being a buyer for a mid-sized company, ideally Footlocker. Taylor briefly worked for the company and now has an obsession with shoes. If that doesn’t pan out, she won’t worry because she’s got other exciting options, including working for big companies such as Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s and working her way up the corporate ladder, perhaps in their marketing department.
It’s no wonder why this exceptional woman might be a bit tired, yet she was extremely attentive and gracious in the interview. Most people can certainly relate to feeling too busy and overworked, but the interview with Taylor helps other realize that making it through school with a crazy schedule is possible. She is a talented young lady who absolutely deserves all that she’s been working for!
“It hasn’t been easy, but it’s almost done,” Taylor says. “We’ll see what happens next.”


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