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Opinion: Cheap or Chic?

August 19, 2009
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Courtesy of: NY Times

We have all seen it and been there  before, those brightly colored sandals you wore as a kid. They hurt your feet and made it  impossible to walk the next morning but you had them in EVERY COLOR imaginable. Those were the good old days of summer, but this season designers seem to be creating some nostalgia that your younger self would envy.  Although these new designs are a fresh reinvention the question still remains: Cheap or Chic?

The new technology in plastics has made it even easier for designers to create their fantasy sandal with the scent of their fragrance embedded in it *cough, cough, marketing tactic*, but does this account for the fact that it’s still a PLASTIC SHOE??? Although the price point of these sandals are considerable low (most pairs costing less than $200), it still only costs them $5-10 to make, because it’s plastic!!! The mark-up can be anywhere from 200-1,000%; this all for a shoe that can only last one season (if that). We all know that times are hard on everyone so it’s only relevant that designers are creating new: lines, shoes, accessories, make-up, perfume/cologne to capitalize on the biggest market in America :middle class (or at least what’s left of it).

The purchase is your choice and some may want to spend retail on those sandals and keep the shoe box displayed high in their closet like a scene from Sex and the City. But just be fore-warned that you’re paying retail for cardboard and plastic; they don’t even throw in a shoe duster for you. If it were up to me, I would just wait till they hit Jeremy’s.

-Chris Campos


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