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Louis Vuitton awarded $32M from infringing Fremont ISP

September 14, 2009
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Last week Steven Chen and his two Fremont based hosting solutions were ruled to pay a hefty $32 million in damages against Louis Vuitton for harboring LV replica e-commerce sites. The two hosts Akanoc and Managed Solutions Group both are owned by Chen and not protected under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act according to the ruling. Louis Vuitton was able to prove that the hosting companies were “aiding” in infringing the Louis Vuitton trademarks, seeing as most of the companies customers participate in the sale of copyright infringing material. They also claimed that the company was fully aware of the infringing sites and Louis Vuitton had tried to contact them a year prior to the lawsuit.

The sites infringing included Louis-Vuitton-bags.org, Luxury2us.com, Handbagsell.com. Most of which come up with bad hostnames or are not hosted at all. Handbagsell.com however is still up and running, and clearly doesn’t display that their products are replicas. A quick google search even came up with people asking online whether the site’s products are real, so there is confusion out there. For some this is a great step for Fashion in the copyright direction, for others this a step back on the DMCA’s intended use.


-Zain Ali


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Summerland at Mint Plaza

September 14, 2009
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Look out for this upcoming event. On Saturday, September 26th there will be a Fashion, Art, and live music event at Mint Plaza, located off of 5th street between Market and Mission in San Francisco. The event will be from 11 am to 5 pm. The event will include:

“70 Fashion Bay Area Designers, Art and live Painting Live music by: Lilofee, Hot Challenge, Leopold and his Fiction, Bang Data, The Ferocious Few + more. DJ sets by: Rondo Brothers,BT MAGNUM ,Eric Sebastian, Russell Vargas, Kris X, Tod Barnett, Irene Hernadez-Feiks Food by Chez Papa, 54 Mint, let’s be frank dogs and Artisanal Paletas Paraiso,Cocktails at Station House Bar”

This promises to be a fun and exciting day of art and music. Hope to see you there!
-Stacie Hipp

Cuisine Alert

September 11, 2009
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I am working on making a menu for an existing restaurant so I’ve been on the search for a great place to eat that needs a little design help. I found a hidden treasure. My sister, whom I love dearly, suggested I try this new Filipino Cuisine in Union City, CA called Bobby’s Bamboo Grill. At first it sounded like a hoax but when I went in the service was phenomenal and the food was excellent. The owner, Bobby, came up to me and my friend and personally seated us and frequently asked us how we were doing. If you are looking for great food or are into Asian Cuisine, I’m telling you this a place to try.

Here is the web site where you can learn more about the restaurant.

Here is my personal suggestion of what to order.
Vegetable Lumpia (5pieces)
Beef Mechado (Beef cooked in tomato sauce w/ potato and bell peppers)
Sizzling Sisig Bangus (AMAZING)
and for Desert Turon a la mode (fried banana served with ice cream)

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How to: Make your own shopping bag

September 11, 2009
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I work in retail, thus I have been able to see the trend in San Francisco of reducing our use of paper and plastic bags. It is really great that San Franciscans are to environmentally conscience. I have seen a variety of different personal-owned shopping bags, which got me thinking about making my own version. This one idea has been my favorite (and cheapest/easiest).


If you’re low on funds, but want to hop on the band-wagon with this new green trend, simply look in your dresser drawers for an old T-shirt you don’t wear anymore. If you do not own a sewing machine, you can go to local craft stores and see if they provide sewing seminars (which many do). Here you can create you new, fun shopping bag. It’s as simple as sewing up the bottom of the T-shirt and creating a larger opening at the top. To do that, you can simply cut the neck hole (depending on it’s size) just a few sizes larger, turn back the raw edge of the cut, and sew along it to prevent fraying, It is best to use  heavy weight cotton T-shirt.



We can all do our part and be adorable doing it!


By: Ariel Rhodus

photo courtesy of http://www.marthastewart.com

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September 9, 2009
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Zuriick is a Salt Lake City based brand that doesn’t provided a heap of labels on their shoes, but rather an affordable, sleek and slim alternative. These shoes have comfort in mind, with their minimalist quality and design, taking their signature purple sole to the streets. With both mens and womens lines available, their prices range from $55-$79. Their men’s Fall line has just arrived at Villian’s Vault and American Rag.

The best shoe (in my opinion) out of the line has got to be the Ivan Tuxedo shoe. Reasonable priced ($79), this shoe takes into consideration the straps that have been a big influence in fall designs including Rodarte, but if you are strapped  for cash at the moment, they have a killer sale with most of the shoes averaging $23.


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September 8, 2009
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The de Young

The de Young

Well, not exactly us but your BofA bank card will do the trick. All you have to do is show your card at any of the musem’s box offices and you’ll receive a free general admission for yourself.


Legion of Honor





Participating museums in S.F. include

The Musuem of the African Disapora

The de Young

The Legion of Honor

The Contemporary Jewish Museum

San Jose Tech Museum

San Jose Tech Museum

Participating musems in San Jose:

The Tech Museum

The San Jose Museum of Art

Click on the link for dates and more info







Jamie T

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The best part of every month

September 4, 2009
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The first Sunday of every month has become one of my most favorite days. It happens to be the only time the Alameda Flea Market takes place, which is an activity I recently discovered.

It’s Northern California’s largest antique and vintage fair, with 800 vendors and nearly 10,000 shoppers each month. Everything sold at the Alameda Flea Market must me at least 20 years old and reproductions are never allowed.


I first went to the flea market last month and was overwhelmed with delight when i saw people selling vintage Chanel and Louis Vuitton handbags for $30 to $50. There are rows and rows of clothing vendors and some of the outfits people sell are fantastic. Thankfully, there are ATMs located around this place if you run out of money.

The Alameda Point Antiques and Collectibles Faire has been features in Martha Stewart Living, Country Living, Country Home, Budget Travel, Sunset Magazine, Via Magazine and attracts buyers from all over the country.

The next market will take place this sunday, September 6th, from 6am to 3pm. Note that there are different admission fees and parking can be a pain the longer you wait to go.


For directions & more information, visit http://www.antiquesbythebay.com.

& also, before I come to a close, here’s a little tip: if you are on a budget & don’t want to spend too much money, start with the booths in the back. The market is set so that the most expensive things are located in the front and further back you go, the cheaper it gets.

* all images courtesy of 45walldesign.blogspot.com

Ann R.

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Michael Jackson Inspired Fashion

September 4, 2009
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So, MJ has been all the rage ever since his unfortunate passing. His music isn’t the only thing that has lived on. His fashion has inspired just about everyone. I’ve been flipping through magazines and I can’t help but notice the “band leader” jacket that looks very MJ. Here’s a photo of what I’m talking about (courtesy of whatshaute.com).
I’ve been on the search for my own and I FINALLY found one! 😉 If you are in search for an affordable bandleader jacket (for men) you must head over to Zaras! Here is a photo of the one I purchased:
Not too bad eh? Compared to the bloomingdales D&G version of this jacket for over a grand, this one was a whopping $189. Still a tad high… but definitely beats the other price!


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How to rock the boot

September 4, 2009
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By: Ariel Rhodus

So many people today, not only in San Francisco but all over the world, are sporting boots as part of their everyday wardrobe. I have seen many inventive ways of wearing boots living here in the city, however I know (having talked to my mother and a few others about it) that not everyone is comfortable with this trend. I think this is perhaps because not everyone can figure out the best way to wear them. Alas!…there are endless possibilities when working with this versatile shoe as well as so many different styles to try. As with all fashion trends, all it takes is a little experimenting to find what works best for you. Here are just a few ways to showcase this awesome accessory:
Here is a classic 70s look. Pair a tall boot with a contrasting short skirt or shorts and you’re good to go!
The ever-popular leggings and boots. This look is fun with either tall or short boots and can be amazing with solid or printed leggings.
The rugged boot! This fun style works great with just about everything. They are shown here with a dress, which personally I love!! They can also be worn with pants for a rougher look, as shown below.
Here is a cowboy-ish look. These boots make her outfit a bit sportier and oh so inventive.

My advice is to go try on some crazy styles and see what works best for you. Some of my favorite boots can be found at Shoe Biz in the Haight or Anthropologie.com.
Have fun!

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Shotwell Event

September 3, 2009
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In response to the recent and tragic robbery at local beloved San Francisco boutique, Shotwell, the owners are throwing a bash to prove that no robbery or tradegy can trampled on their love for fashion and above all positivity.













Come by between 6 and 9pm tonight for some evening shopping accompanied by live music by Superdunny.

Lets prove to these robbers that its going to take a lot more than a break in to dampen the Shotwell team spirit!


-Rayna Basta

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